Ferracute China Trip Photo Gallery

Ferracute engineer and amateur photographer Henry A. Janvier and fellow photography enthusiast Sidney E. Bowen were founding members of the Bridgeton Camera Society. Despite advice to the contrary, both men packed their camera gear, determined to photo-document their historic 1898 journey across America and into rural Asia. After a harrowing voyage across the Pacific Ocean, Sidney Bowen decided to end his trip and return home through Hawaii. Henry Janvier continued into inland China and across Europe before returning home.

Henry Janvier’s photo collection was passed down to his niece and family historian Margaret Janvier Hort, who later handed them over to the Bridgeton Evening News. Hort later gave permission to author and historian Art Cox to retrieve the collection from the News in preparation for his book Ferracute.

Sidney Bowen’s photo collection was passed through the family great nephew, Bob Hearn. Bob has digitally scanned Sidney Bowen’s entire portion of the trip and scanned limited portions of Henry Janvier’s trip photos.

In the below photo gallery, photos attributed to Henry Janvier are labeled – HAJ, while photos attributed to Sidney Bowen are labeled – SEB.

Both men literally took hundreds of pictures, which will eventually be added into this photo gallery. It does take a fair amount of time to format the images properly for web presentation, and our progress is a bit slow. Please check back often for gallery updates.