Inventions and Patents of Oberlin Smith

Oberlin Smith held at least seventy-five patents, most of which had connections with his business of building presses and dies. Other patents, which held little to no connection to his craft appeared to be novelties to enrich no one except the patent lawyers whom Smith kept busy for over half a century. In addition Smith filed several invention ideas with the county Court House. Below are several examples of patents of Oberlin Smith.

Presses and Dies

Lock Mechanisms

Oberlin Smith held a number of side interests besides metalworking. One of which was an interest in the design of combination locks.



Power Looms

Most of Oberlin Smith's personal notes were destroyed when his mansion burned to the ground in 1934. Among a few surviving papers are notes and drawings for this invention. Developed for the Draper Loom Company, it identified a broken thread in the automated cloth making process that would automatically stop the machines so the warp could be repaired

Liquid Handling