Exhibits At The Burton Show Gallery

Our overall mission is to bring awareness to the past and present of the Bridgeton area of southern New Jersey, through local exhibits of our research, collection of photographs and memorabilia. Although our efforts usually focus around the study of industrial history in the area, namely Oberlin Smith and his Ferracute Machine Company, we do diverge occasionally. Other recent exhibits have included topics on the area oyster industry, and works from past and present local artists and photographers.

The Opening Of “Ferracute Goes To China” Exhibit At Burton Gallery


Directions to the Burton Gallery

Gallery space for our exhibit efforts has been graciously provided by the kitchen and bath business of Frank Burton and Sons of Bridgeton. The Burton family has an enthusiastic interest and concern for local history, and has generously provided a large section of their showroom space in their location for this venue since May of 2008.

Our exhibits are available for viewing during normal business hours. Further information on Frank Burton and Sons is available through their web site: CLICK HERE>>

Future exhibits will always be announced on our web well ahead of our opening receptions. We encourage you to visit our site frequently to keep up on our progress!

Recently Held Gallery – Ferracute Goes to China

Recreating The March 24th 1897 Demonstration At The Burton Show Gallery

Our most recent exhibit topic was “Ferracute Goes to China” which told the story of the 1897 – 98 trip to China by Henry Janvier, Ferracute engineer and amateur photographer. This exhibit included Janvier’s extensive personal letters, and photographs during his trip, including rare photographs from fellow traveler and photographer, Sidney Bowen. Highlights from the opening reception held on June 25, 2011 can be found by clicking to our current exhibit page.

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